Which naked attraction is your favorite?

Which naked attraction is your favorite?

A series of photos that have emerged on social media show women wearing nothing but a skimpy bathing suit as they walk through Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, where naked attractions and the occasional naked guy make the city famous.

In a series of images, several women in skimpy outfits have been seen at New York’s Pier 67, at New Yorkers Pier 8 and at Los Angeles’ Pier 19, which are all considered hot spots for women.

Some of the images were captured by the Twitter account @TheUnofficialBostonPerfusion.

Some were captured on Snapchat, where the accounts handle is @UnofficialBosnia.

Other images show women walking down Boston’s Fenway Park, a popular spot for men to gather in groups, and other popular spots for couples.

Some images show men walking the streets of Boston, looking to take advantage of a lack of police presence.

Some photos show women holding their noses as they pass by in front of some of the city’s iconic landmarks.

Some women are seen wearing nothing at all and wearing clothing that’s seen as “out of fashion”.

Many of the photos show a variety of women in varying states of undress, including a woman with her arm around a man.

The Boston Perfusion has been tweeting images of naked women in the city since February.

It has been retweeted more than 1,400 times.