Tennessee attractions in lockdown after ‘loud bangs’ scare

Tennessee attractions in lockdown after ‘loud bangs’ scare

By MARK WILSON | The Associated Press | October 24, 2018 10:52:42Hundreds of people were evacuated from Tennessee after an alleged explosion at a fireworks display.

Tennessee Gov.

Bill Haslam said the state is still on lockdown because of the explosion and the danger of an active shooter.

There was no immediate word on how many people were hurt.

The blast took place at the Chattanooga Civic Center near downtown Nashville.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident.

The Associated Press was not able to reach a spokesman for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

Tennessee has had a string of incidents this year related to fireworks, but this one was different because it was an actual explosion.

The Tennessee Bureau for Emergency Management said the fire was brought under control around 2:45 p.m.

(5:45 a.m.-8:45:45 A.M.) and the Tennessee Bureau on Terrorism was notified.

It was unclear if anyone was hurt.

Tennesseans were encouraged to stay inside and go to their local parks and recreation areas, where they can still visit the attractions.

A curfew is in effect for the rest of the day.

The governor said that after a review of the incident, Tennessee would review its safety protocols for events involving fireworks and make adjustments if needed.

The state’s Department of Transportation is coordinating with law enforcement.