What you need to know about Pennsylvania tourism attractions

What you need to know about Pennsylvania tourism attractions

The Pennsylvania Tourism Attractions Association (PTAA) says it is suspending the permits of all Pennsylvania tourism attraction sites pending a review of the state’s new law that would prohibit the promotion of human trafficking.

The association says the decision was made after the state Department of Justice’s Office of State Enforcement, which is responsible for enforcing the new law, notified the group that the new ban was in effect on Oct. 1.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the group says the law has the potential to restrict the freedom of all individuals to enjoy a safe and legal way to travel and work.

“In light of recent news about Pennsylvania’s new anti-trafficking law, the PTAA was informed that they have been notified that the current permit process will not be completed, with the PTTAA acting as their primary mediator to assist the tourism industry in this time,” the statement said.

“The PTAA has suspended all activities related to the upcoming tourism season, and the PTAB has advised the tourism business that all activities will continue to be suspended until the PTB can determine whether the current application process will allow for all parties to participate in the 2018 season.”

The state’s tourism industry has faced a backlash over the new measure, with local, state and federal lawmakers calling for the legislation to be scrapped and for lawmakers to provide a timeline for the implementation of the new legislation.

The measure has prompted thousands of people to sign a petition calling on Gov.

Tom Wolf to veto the measure, but Wolf has said he will sign the legislation.

“My job is to protect Pennsylvanians, not to make them do something,” Wolf said in October.