‘Spain is the best country for tourism’: Tourism company

‘Spain is the best country for tourism’: Tourism company

SPAIN’S ‘LONGEST-PERFORMED’ TRAVEL EVENTS OF 2017 have attracted the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone and Will Smith to the country’s main tourist attraction, El Prado, with many of the top names coming to showcase their talents at the attraction.

In 2017, El Puerta de Arte del Mar, which includes the main attraction, attracted over 5.2 million visitors, making it the world’s longest-performing tourist attraction.

The El Prada has drawn some of the world ‘most talked-about’ celebrities, including Leonardo Di Caprio, David Beckham, Kate Hudson, Ed Sheeran and the Queen.

The most popular travel destinations of 2017 were Spain, Italy and Japan, with Mexico the most popular destination for foreigners.

The best hotels for foreign travellers, as rated by TripAdvisor, were booked in Spain, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Spain and the United States.