‘Fatal attraction’ for girls may be in ‘dangerous territory’

‘Fatal attraction’ for girls may be in ‘dangerous territory’

Female college students and recent grads, who may be attracted to men who are attractive and outgoing, may have been in a “dangerous” territory, according to a new study published in the journal Sexual Behavior.

The study looked at more than 20,000 participants from the U.S. and Canada.

Researchers said they found that the more attractive a person was, the more likely they were to be attracted by the same person, regardless of how that person behaved.

Researchers from the University of Iowa and the University at Buffalo surveyed more than 12,000 college students about their attraction to men, with an emphasis on sexual behavior.

They found that a person’s attractiveness and outgoing personality were linked to their attraction, with men with the highest scores reporting having more sexual interest in women than those with the lowest scores.

They also found that men who scored higher on attractiveness and high social interactions were more likely to be sexually attracted to women.

This may be because a woman’s physical appearance can be a powerful motivator to attract men, the researchers said.

They concluded that a more attractive, high-social-engagement man could attract more women than a less attractive, low-social/engagement one.

“We can see this in the data,” Dr. Katherine O’Brien, a behavioral scientist at the University At Buffalo and co-author of the study, told Fox News.

“When you have a man with high social-engaging behavior, you may be able to attract more females than the average man.”

The study also looked at men’s sexual behavior and their attraction toward women.

Researchers also found a correlation between a man’s attractiveness, social-intimacy, and the number of sexual partners he had.

They said it is not clear why this relationship is the case, but said it may have to do with women being more likely than men to report high levels of intimacy with their partners.

They found that sexual partners of men with higher social-emotional interactions were significantly more likely (in men) to be rated attractive, whereas those with lower social-cognitive interactions were less likely.

Women, on the other hand, rated a man as more attractive if he was an outgoing, sociable, and well-mannered individual.

This was true even when the researchers took into account factors like age, education, marital status, and other characteristics.

For example, the study also found women who were attracted to higher-social men were also more likely as individuals to have had a number of relationships, with a higher likelihood of having a long-term partner.

The researchers said this is because high-engaged, social and assertive men are likely to lead successful marriages.

“In a recent study of young married men in their 30s, the most successful marriages they were part of had been among men who had high social and emotional interactions, who had been social-focused and highly engaged,” Dr O’Connor said.

“High social-diversity and high engagement is an important predictor of success.”

Dr. O’Connors study is the first to explore this relationship, and she said the findings will likely lead to more studies.

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