Which attractions in Atlanta’s Downtown are the most fun to see?

Which attractions in Atlanta’s Downtown are the most fun to see?

At least 20 attractions in downtown Atlanta have been added to the Downtown Disney Experience since the opening of the Disney Springs Resort in 2020, and the most recent additions have brought back some familiar Disney favorites, like the Jungle Cruise, Starlight Glimmer, and Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

But a few of those attractions haven’t been in the mix for quite a while.

Here’s a look at some of the more fun Disney attractions in the Atlanta area that have been making the rounds in recent months.


Haunted Mansion Haunted Mansion is back in Atlanta, and it’s getting a big upgrade.

The Haunted Mansion at the Georgia Aquarium, which opened in 2015, has become a favorite attraction for Disney guests thanks to the Haunted Mansion’s retro design and interactive features.

It’s one of the most popular attractions in Disney Springs, and there’s plenty of fun to be had at Haunted Mansion.

Guests can take part in an all-new adventure through an abandoned castle where they can meet the ghosts of former residents, and they can even visit the mansion’s original setting and see the original characters.

Haunted Memories is another attraction that has been making headlines in recent years, with some new additions and a new location.

In 2018, the attraction was expanded to include more attractions, and more of them have been popping up throughout Atlanta.


Disneyland’s Animal Kingdom This year’s Disneyland Resort expansion has brought the popular Animal Kingdom park back to Atlanta, but some of those additions are making their way into the Disney Parks.

The Animal Kingdom has been a popular spot for many Disney visitors since its opening in 2011.

Now that the park is fully expanded and opening its doors to guests, the park will have even more new attractions to enjoy, including new rides like “Winnie the Pooh,” “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,” and more.

Some of the new additions to the park include the Fireworks Spectacular, the Big Thunder Mountain Train, and “The Adventures of Mickey Mouse & Friends,” a brand new attraction with Mickey Mouse and friends.


Epcot World Showcase A new Epcot expansion is being added to Atlanta’s downtown area, but that addition doesn’t have much of an impact on the rest of Disney’s Atlanta area.

The expansion is bringing a new attraction called “The Bigger This Year,” which is a new ride and attractions to be added to Epcot, the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

It features a large boat ride that will take guests through the ocean, a themed ride called “Titanfall,” and a water attraction that will make water look pretty.


Animal Kingdom in Orlando The Disney Parks Orlando area is getting a huge update to its downtown area with a new Animal Kingdom attraction called the Animal Kingdom.

The park’s newest addition will be a boat ride, an amusement park, a food truck, and a movie theater, which is set to make it a Disney theme park for 2018.

It will be the second new attraction added to Orlando’s Downtown Disney Area, following the opening in 2016 of the Epcot Magic Kingdom.


Disney Springs Disney Springs is getting another new addition to its Downtown Disney area this year, with the opening for an indoor Disney Experience in 2019.

The indoor experience will feature rides like the Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise and a boat and a mini-bus ride.

Guests will be able to ride in the park’s new Pirates of The Caribbean Railroad, which will take them through the water, and an outdoor ride will bring guests up to the roof of the Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of Blackwater Bay.


Star Wars Launch Bay Star Wars Land will be returning to Downtown Disney this year with the addition of the Star Wars: Launch Bay, which opens next year in 2019, with more attractions.

The Star Wars attraction will have a boat tour and an indoor ride, while the ride will be in the sky.


The Magic Kingdom Disney Springs will have more rides than ever before, including an expanded version of “Star Tours: A Galactic Spectacular,” which has been added since the park opened in 2020.

The ride will include a ride on the Millennium Falcon, and guests will get a glimpse of the ride in a new indoor attraction called The Spaceship Earth.


Epicenter At a glance, Epcot’s Downtown Atlanta area has a lot to offer.

The Disneyland Resort in Orlando has become one of Disney Springs’ most popular destinations, with guests flocking to the theme park in the fall and winter to visit the resort’s parks, resorts, and resorts.

Epix, the Disney Channel’s local TV station, is also adding new shows and episodes to its regular lineup, including episodes of the upcoming Marvel animated series.

Episodic content will also be on the way, with new episodes of Disney XD’s “Disney Parks: The Movie,” “Disney Springs: Live,” and “Disney XD’s Live from Disneyland.”

Epcot will be bringing back some of its beloved attractions, including the Jungle Adventure and Pirates