Netflix has a plan to make Disney movies and TV shows more appealing to kids

Netflix has a plan to make Disney movies and TV shows more appealing to kids

Netflix has launched an online portal that will allow users to search for content in the Disney theme parks.

The portal will have a “Disney” section that will offer search options for a range of Disney-themed films and TV series, as well as Disney-branded toys and more.

The Disney portal is expected to be rolled out to users across a number of countries, including the United States and Europe.

“With this new content search feature, Netflix users will be able to find the Disney movies, TV shows, and games they are looking for, as opposed to searching for titles and titles by specific keywords,” Netflix said in a statement.

“They can also easily find the content that’s best suited for them by searching for the keywords,, Disney Parks, Disney Interactive, Disney Store, Disney Music, Disney Movies, Disney Tires, Disney Toys, Disney Food and more.”

It’s unclear how many users will actually be able access the portal at the moment, or how much content will be available.

Netflix has also rolled out its own online search engine, Disney Search, which has been designed to be used by people outside of Netflix’s home country, and can also be accessed by the general public.

The move is a major coup for the company as it seeks to build its own brand for itself in the global entertainment market.

Netflix said it was investing heavily in its content, particularly original content, in the US, but has not released any new content from its library since the launch of the Disney portal.

It has also launched a Disney-focused portal for its own films and shows.

Netflix is also developing an online library of original content.