California tourist attractions attract ugly nuisances

California tourist attractions attract ugly nuisances

The California Tourism Commission is asking visitors to pay close attention to the ugly nuissances they’re seeing in their state’s parks and forests.

The commission is looking at how to make certain parks and forest preserves can attract visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The agency has proposed an annual “Visitor Experience” report to be presented to the California Legislature in December.

It will also propose an “Empowerment Report” to be submitted to the Legislature in May.

“Visitors should be aware of their surroundings and their surroundings should be understood,” the report states.

The report calls on state lawmakers to take action on measures such as creating a program that allows parks and wilderness areas to be designated “safe for all” by 2020.

California has the highest number of people in prison in the nation, and the report recommends the state establish a program to monitor people’s safety and report any issues, such as assaults or drug use, that occur.

The “Safe for All” designation is based on guidelines set by the Bureau of Prisons that recommend safe housing and employment for prisoners.

The bureau has also developed a program, the “Safe Spaces Program,” that offers assistance to communities and organizations to help them better protect themselves against crime and violence.

The Safe Spaces Program is administered by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The program has been in place for several years and has helped to increase the state’s prison population.

The California Tourism Council says its report, along with other recommendations, are “designed to help ensure that parks and public lands are maintained to their highest possible standards, and that they provide an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe.”

The report says the report will be presented before the legislature next month.