Haunted attractions in India – 7 haunted attractions, 3 attractions to be open on the first day of August 2018

Haunted attractions in India – 7 haunted attractions, 3 attractions to be open on the first day of August 2018

India has a rich history of ghost hunting, with some of the oldest known sites still haunted by haunting stories.

But the country’s biggest attraction has had its fair share of controversy recently. 

The country has a history of haunted attractions.

But, some of India’s biggest attractions have had their fair share and are now open for business.

The National Highway is full of ghostly haunts.

Here are 7 of the best in India.1.

The Great Elephant Hunt The Elephant Hunt was one of the most popular attractions in the country for decades.

It opened in the early 1970s and the theme park is still one of India-wide fascination today.

But there were many other haunted attractions before the Great Elephant hunt.

It was originally a circus that was held in the old city of Varanasi, in south-central India.

In the late 19th century, elephants were shot and killed and the dead were buried in a mass grave.

In modern times, the elephants have been killed to create a fake elephant that can be sold as a souvenir.


Tulip Mania A popular attraction in India, Tulip Mania is a three-level attraction built in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

It is a circus with three different levels.

The top level is the Elephant Hunt.

The Elephant Hunt is the attraction that attracted the most attention. 

A crowd of about 20,000 people were attracted to the attraction during its opening.


Panchkula Circus Panchkarula Circus is one of South Asia’s most popular tourist attractions.

It’s located in Panchkul, near the famous Chaturthi river in the city of Panchka.

It was founded in 1873 and the circus is still very popular in the state of Gujarat.

It had its first show in 1889 and has been open for almost 100 years.

It boasts over 300,000 guests a year.


Oasis of the Panchi The Oasis of Panderpura is one the most visited attractions in Rajasthan.

It has a large crowd of tourists who come to the city for the day’s activities.

The Oasis has a total of 16 stages. 

Its main attraction is the “Mountain of Light”. 

It’s a 1,400-metre high and 4,000-metres wide waterfall. 

It was built in 1924 and is one in a series of 10,000 built in Rajanagar.

The resort is the world’s tallest at 4,500 metres. 


Gadava Circus The largest circus in the world, Gadava Circus has been the main attraction at the Pankapattinam temple complex in Pankavasan district, in Rajnagiri district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

It started as a private show and was later run by a group of friends.

It later became a commercial circus.


Mangalore Circus  The Mangalore Circus was a popular attraction from 1884 until the early 1900s.

It featured a number of animals and had a good reputation among the people.

The attraction also served as a meeting place for people of different caste and language groups.

It also attracted crowds from all over the city.

The elephant-themed stage, “The Elephant’s Nest”, was the biggest attraction and drew crowds of about 80,000. 


Sri Lanka Circus The Sri Lanka Circus was one the first circuses in the nation.

It held shows from 1887 until 1951. 

After the British left, the circus went under the control of the British Indian Railway Company.

It resumed its circuses operations after the war and was still operating until the 1960s.


Thiruvananthapuram Circus In the 1950s, Sri Lanka was a colonial state and it hosted a number, but most of them were held in its territory.

The Sri Lankan Circus started its operations in 1962 and continued to operate until the late 1990s. 

There were many circuses operating in Sri Lanka before and after independence.

They include the Souvenir Circus in the coastal city of Thiruvanur, the Punjabi Circus in Sri Lankans capital, Colombo, the Sri Lanka Elephants’ Circus, and the Sudan Elephant Circus. 


Ludhiana The largest circuses attraction in the World was built by the Ludhiana Railway Corporation in the 1820s.

There were about 200 circuses run by the Railway Corporation at that time. 

At one time, the largest attraction was the Mudrasa Mysuru Circus, which ran from 1862 to 1871.

The Indian Railway Corporation also ran a number amusement and circus shows, including the Bhagavad Gita Circus and The Bh