Disney park: Disney Springs’ attraction ‘briefly’ cancelled for the holiday season

Disney park: Disney Springs’ attraction ‘briefly’ cancelled for the holiday season

Disney parks in Australia’s Gold Coast and the Gold Coast metropolitan area are seeing a brief delay in the reopening of attractions in the parks this holiday season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Key points:Park operator Disney Parks Australia says it is considering cancelling a park attraction in Gold Coast that opened earlier this yearPark operator Walt Disney World says it will make a “significant” change to its Australian operation to accommodate the coronas virusThe park operator has not said how many people will be affectedThe closure of Disneyland in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane means that there are no new Disneyland rides scheduled to open this weekend or next year.

Walt Disney World Australia CEO David Laskin says the closure is a precautionary measure and will not affect guests.

“The Disneyland Resort is closed this holiday weekend to help protect the public and is temporarily closing its entire Australian operation for the foreseeable future,” Mr Laskins said.

“We are making a significant change to our Australian operation, which will allow us to provide additional services and accommodate the many people who visit Disneyland Australia during this holiday period.”

Mr Laskinos said that Disneyland is a “major player in the world” and had always been prepared to respond to the health concerns around the coronases.

“This is a major precautionary action by our Resort to protect our guests and staff from the health effects of the coronaviens,” he said.

Mr Lasksins said that guests visiting Disneyland Australia would be able to continue to enjoy the parks while waiting for the new park to reopen.

He said the Disneyland Resort would be fully operational for at least the first three months after the coronase outbreak ended, but there were no plans to open any more parks or attractions in Australia during the period.

Disney’s Australian operation was due to reopen in mid-December, but Mr Lasksinos said there was a risk that the closure could cause disruption to the wider business.

“Our parks and attractions are built with people in mind and we do not want to disrupt our guests’ enjoyment of these places by shutting them down,” he told the ABC.

“In addition, it is a risk for our visitors and our Australian operations.”

Disney has faced criticism for the closure of its parks in the US, Canada and China, which led to more than 20 deaths.

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